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Why A Trip To The Trichologist Was One of The Best Hair Decisions I’ve Ever Made I prefer a scalp treatment over a back massage any day, and that should be enough to motivate.

Trichology vs. Dermatology: The Hair Face-Off December 14, 2009. Filed under: Eventually, a friend of his recommended he consult a doctor who deals with modern medicine; a trichologist. Now say the word ‘trichologist’ in public and most people would have a deer-in-the-headlights look plastered on their.

David Satchell has been a holistic trichologist for over 40 years and has achieved over 70% success in treating hair loss (alopecia). Eucaderm.

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Hair care is a challenge that many people face. You don’t have to face these issues alone. For details on how you can get help with your hair care please schedule an initial consultation with our experienced Trichologist. Initial consultations are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. and Saturday.

What Is Trichology? Trichology, from the Greek words ‘Trikhos’ (hair) and ‘logy’ (study), is the scientific study of the function and structure of the human hair. It focuses on the diseases or problems of the hair and scalp as well as their treatments. What Does A Trichologist Do? A person specialising in Trichology is called.

Could someone recommend a good trichologist in Bangalore for female hair loss treatment? Update Cancel. a d b y B a m b e e. Hire a virtual HR manager for /month. Get a virtual HR Manager, written HR policies, HR audit, and expert advice to help ensure compliance. Now you are looking for best trichologist in Bangalore….

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I want to first write that I am not a fan of hair transplants for women, I personally think that most women with androgenetic alopecia are NOT candidates for this procedure. Having said that, I get emailed all the time from women looking for a good hair transplant surgeon. If you are deadset on having a consultation, please visit the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

Dr. Shawon Gullette, ND, I.A.T. Dr. Shawon Gullette is a Certified Trichologist and Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. She has been working to prevent women’s hair loss in the Dayton, Ohio area for over twenty-eight years.