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The VA Salt Lake City Health Care System (VASLCHCS) Administrative Fellowship/Residency program is a component of the Department of Veterans Affairs Graduate Healthcare Administration Training Program (GHATP). The purpose of the GHATP is to recruit, train and retain highly-qualified individuals to become future leaders in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA).

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Sampon de par profesional la eMAG. Livrare rapida. Preturi incepand de la numai.

The word Puranas (/ p ʊ ˈ r ɑː n ə z /; Sanskrit: पुराण, purāṇa) literally means "ancient, old", and it is a vast genre of Indian literature about a wide range of topics, particularly myths, legends and other traditional lore. Composed primarily in Sanskrit, but also in regional languages, several of these texts are named after major Hindu deities such as Vishnu, Shiva.

The Ghanta Awards (sometimes abbreviated as The Ghanta) is an award presented in recognition of the worst film in Bollywood. Founded by Prashant Rajkhowa and Karan Anshuman in 2010, the annual Ghanta Awards ceremony in Mumbai takes place about the same time as other major Bollywood awards. The term ghanta, which literally means bell, is used in its more irreverent forms.

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Why Some Flus Are Deadliest in Young Adults. The first flu you get matters for the rest of your life. Sarah Zhang. Nov 10, 2016 Blood sample from a turkey in Romania, which had an outbreak.

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